TEMMCO has the capacity to provide all facets of machining and turning, drilling, tapping, deep hole boring, milling, line boring and facing, keyway cutting, thread cutting (internal or external), welding and metal spraying. Turbine Machining can be done insitu. Machining of seals, gland and diaphragm diameters, casing half joints, seat machining, journal machining. Our insitu machining capabilities make TEMMCO the preferred machining company for major turbine and mining equipment manufacturers.

Power Stations
  • Stud removal
  • Turbine cylinder line boring
  • Milling casing joints
  • Coupling machining
  • Coupling line boring
  • Casing line boring
  • Milling
  • Safety valve welding and machining
  • Flange facing
  • Valve seal ring area welding and machining
  • Insitu CW valve machining
  • Motor base milling
  • Mill base frames
  • Milling electrical conductors
  • Specialised insitu machining
  • Svedala ball mill trunnion studs
  • 2 Metre diameter flange machining
  • Mill curing bed 1.8 metres wide x 120 metres long
  • Rotary breaker rim and roller machining
  • Line boring components
  • Dragline propel and swing drive machining
  • Insitu welding and machining
  • Gearbox and drum machining
  • On site machining reclaimer bucket wheel hub
  • Line boring main hoist drum drive gearbox on Marion Dragline
  • Line bore bucket wheel hub and bucket bores
  • Reclaim conveyor pulley bores
  • Stacker reclaimer machining and lineboring
Manufacturing Plant
  • Machine rotary breaker tyres
  • Mill curing bed 1.8 metres wide x 120 metres long